Police Jury Meeting Notes: February 3, 2021

Posted: Feb 6, 2021, 10:25 AM

Ground water levels in Bossier Parish are fairly high and trending upward, according to a preliminary report following one year of studies conducted by LSUS.

Members of the Bossier Parish Police Jury heard Wednesday that average levels shown from three sample wells located in the northern, southern and central part of the parish range from just over three feet from the surface to roughly seven and a half feet.

Just over a year ago, the police jury contracted with LSUS to study ground water levels after a series of water and sewer line failures. During repairs, parish engineers and contractors had to deal with water levels very close to the surface that were a major contributing factor to the line failures.

A series of 12 monitoring wells have been drilled and results are being studied on a regular basis. Studies show a 25-square mile area of north Bossier Parish is the target area of concern.

Researchers say one contributing factor to the rise in ground water levels is seasonal rain events, which can vary in length and intensity. Other influences, such as local waterways including the Red River, Willow Chute Bayou and other tributaries will be targeted as more data is collected.

During Wednesday’s police jury meeting, members also:

  • Appointed Sandra Long interim Parish Treasurer to temporarily fill vacancy created by the death of Joe Buffington.
  • Awarded bid for Project No. 2020-117, roadside vegetation management, in accordance with bids received January 26.
  • Scheduled a public hearing on March 3 to consider approval of the plat of the proposed development of Meadows Hills subdivision, located in Section 14, Township 20 North, Range 13 West, Bossier Parish.
  • Scheduled a public hearing on March 17 to consider the application of Mohr and Associates, Inc., to the Haughton Parish MPC, for a zoning amendment to change the zoning classification of approximately 40 acres, more or less, north of Sligo Road and approximately ¼ mile west of Highway 157, located in Section 8, Township 17 North, Range 11 West, Bossier Parish, from R-A, Residence Agriculture District, to R-E, Residence Estate District, for a single family subdivision.
  • Accepted reports on meetings of the Policy and Procedures Committee held January 27 and February 3, and the Road/Subdivision Regulations Committee.
  • Adopted a resolution ordering and calling a special election to be held in Police Jury District 1, Bossier Parish, Louisiana, to submit to the qualified electors thereof certain local option propositions relative to the sale of alcoholic beverages, and providing for other matters in connection therewith.
  • Reappointed Charles Varnell and Ken Ward to the Bossier Parish Communications District No. 1 Board of Directors for four-year terms each, terms to expire March 1, 2025.
  • Approved change order No. 20 for State Project No. H.003854.6-R1 Bossier North/South Corridor Swan Lake Road (I-220 to Flat River).
  • Approved supplement No. 5 to the agreement with Civil Design Group, LLC, for construction administration for the West Linton Road extension, project No. 2019-132.
  • Approved supplement No. 1 to the agreement with Professional Service Industries, Inc., for construction testing services for the West Linton Road extension, Project No. 2019-132.
  • Approved change order No. 3 for Project No. 2019-112, Swan Lake Road re-alignment over Flat River.