Louisiana Tech University’s Research Institute (LTRI) Groundbreaking

Posted: Aug 25, 2021, 4:36 PM

Louisiana Tech University’s Research Institute (LTRI), currently under construction on the grounds of the Cyber Innovation Center, is seeking new ways to provide work for both industry and defense partners and provide research and development for Global Strike.

Although the LTRI building is not yet complete, the impact of the facility and its potential is already being measured.

“LTRI is more important that we could have understood two years ago,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said during remarks prior to a groundbreaking ceremony at CIC headquarters Tuesday.

“LTRI is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst for economic growth, to advance higher education and to attract millions in tax revenue. It is also a catalyst for keeping our students at home and to attract the best and brightest from across the country,” he said.

Edwards said he could not express how much the project means to the state and north Louisiana.

“It’s no exaggeration to tell you that across the country people are paying attention to what’s happening along the I-20 corridor and cyber arena,” he said. “I am amazed at how the I-20/cyber corridor is booming. It seems to be impervious to some of the downturns that are happening in other sectors of economy.”

One stated goal of the LTRI is to serve as the official home for deterrence, cyber defense and intelligence-related education, training and workforce development programs for north Louisiana.

Louisiana Tech President Dr. Les Guice said the university saw the importance of having a national research university to provide research and development work supports Global Strike and keep their presence in northwest Louisiana.

“This is a lot about attracting talent and industry that serves and supports the nuclear, cyber and defense activities,” Guice said. “Our research provides the mechanism to that support. It will be a great future for this region, and what we’re seeing is just the beginning.”