165th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion Delivers Water to Bossier Hospitals

Posted: Feb 22, 2021, 7:23 AM

Despite terrible weather conditions during a pair of unprecedented winter storms, Louisiana Army National Guard soldiers from the 165th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion stationed in Bossier City delivered water to hospitals in Bossier Parish.

Guard personnel responded to a request from the Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (BOHSEP) for immediate deployment of water beginning Wednesday night, Feb 17.

Although road conditions were extremely hazardous, the Army Guardsmen established a supply chain of deliveries from the most northern hospitals near I-220 and worked through the snow and frozen roads to medical facilities in the southern part of the parish.   

“I am so proud of the LA Army Guard leadership who had staff at Camp Minden warehouse make this urgent request happen so fast,” said  Col. Gene Barattini, Deputy Director of BOHSEP.  

“The effort to be activated and drive to their assigned units in the most challenging conditions, then in manner of short order, deploy into our community in such an effective way... it’s the Guard at its best,” he said.

Guard personnel continued to resupply hospitals in the Parish, and expanded to other medical facilities following a plan coordinated with the Governors Office of Homeland Security, Bossier Parish/City Unified Command priorities, and detail schedules established by the Bossier Office of Homeland Security/Emergency Operations Center staff.