Police Jury Meeting Notes: July 15, 2020

Posted: Jul 16, 2020, 5:27 PM

High ground water levels in one Bossier Parish area continue to play havoc with water and sewer system structures, creating the need for costly emergency repairs.

Bossier Parish Engineer Butch Ford told members of the police jury’s finance committee that just over $600,000 would need to be moved into the engineering department’s infrastructure fund to cover costs of repairs that have already been made.

“These failures to the system are occurring because the ground water level is impacting the lines,” Ford said. “We have three catch basins failing in systems currently. In Kingston Plantation subdivision, we had two failures last year. In one, a manhole sank about five feet, then failed again after it was repaired.”

Ford said the high costs of contracting the work has his staff considering a different approach in trying to keep up with the problem.

“When a failure occurs we have to have immediate service,” Ford said. “We’re talking about solutions to the expense like getting wellpoint equipment, pumps and other necessary items to do this work ourselves. We’re trying to stay within our budget but the sewer issue is draining us.”

In many cases, repairs to damaged lines and other infrastructure can’t begin until the area is wellpointed (ground water pumped from repair area) and that can take from two to three weeks, Ford said.

“And that is very expensive,” he said.

 During Wednesday’s regular meeting, police jury members:

  • Awarded bid for Haymeadow/Cypress Bend Sewer tie-in, for the Consolidated Waterworks/Sewerage District No. 1 of the Parish of Bossier, in accordance with bids received July 10.
  • Approved the plat of the proposed development of Myrick Acres subdivision, partition of a 12.140-acre tract of land, more or less.
  • Scheduled a public hearing on August 19 to consider abandonment of a 60-foot street right-of-way located between Lots 32 and 33, South Haughton Estates subdivision.
  • Scheduled a public hearing on August 19 to consider approval of the minor plat for Brent Green.
  • Scheduled a public hearing on August 19 to consider approval of the minor plat for Bob Cunningham.
  • Approved condemnation of property located at 2125 Twin Lake Drive, Benton.
  • Approved condemnation of property located at 5226 Timothy Trail, Bossier City.
  • Accepted report on meeting of the Policy and Procedures Committee.
  • Announced the police jury’s intention to hold a public meeting in the Police Jury meeting room on August 19 to adopt an ordinance levying the 2019 ad valorem property tax millages.
  • Tabled request from Matt Graves to lease parish owned properties located at 225 Shadow Ridge Drive, 227 Shadow Ridge Drive, and 301 Shadow Ridge Drive.
  • Approved the application of Tedd Hansen for a 2020 Bossier Parish beer license at Green Park Cafe, 165A Green Park Road, Doyline, subject to approval by the health department.
  • Approved the application of Trilochan Singh for a 2020 Bossier Parish beer/liquor license at Pull-Up Liquor, Highway 80, Haughton, subject to approval by the health department.
  • Ratified and accepted recommendation of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit Board of Appeals on July 1 in the matter of Simon Young, Report No. 2444 issued on January 17, 2020.
  • Reappointed Ms. Eddie M. Scott, Robert Taylor and Gary Lyles to the Board of Commissioners for Bossier Parish Fire District No. 7 for two-year terms each, terms to expire July 31, 2022.
  • Appointed Lloyd Dodson, Gevan Spinney and Annie Green to the Haughton Metropolitan Planning Commission Board; appointed Christopher Beaty, Chris Saucier and Eric Miles to the Haughton Metropolitan Planning Commission Board of Adjustments.
  • Adopted a resolution authorizing the Bossier Parish Police Jury to acquire and/or expropriate all parcels, tracts, properties or servitudes required for construction and completion of Caplis Sligo Road bridge over Red Chute Bayou project, and authorizing the Parish Administrator to execute any and all documents, instruments, or affidavits that may be necessary or convenient to said expropriation, including a certificate of authorization to expropriate.
  • Approved proposal of David Volentine, MAI, for appraisal services for Caplis Sligo Road bridge over Red Chute Bayou project.
  • Approved proposal of Professional Service Industries, Inc., for subsurface exploration for State Project No. H.007400, North Bossier Shared Use Trail–Phase II.

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