Spohn receives La. Tech honor

Posted: May 21, 2018, 4:46 PM

CRAIG SPOHN MUG SHOTCraig Spohn, president and executive director of the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) in Bossier City, received an honorary Doctor of Science from Louisiana Tech University at its Spring Commencement Ceremony May 19.

Spohn has championed north Louisiana’s development of a cyber economy for the past decade. Through his efforts, the CIC and its partners have secured millions of dollars for cyber programs and facilities, created a knowledge-based economy in the region, and attracted national attention from industry, government, and other communities.

Under Spohn’s leadership, the CIC serves as catalyst for the development and expansion of a workforce throughout the region that is prepared for the challenges of cybersecurity. 

“Craig has inspired and connected government, educational, and company leaders. With his guidance, we continue to work together on the facilities and programs that make up the National Cyber Research Park in Bossier City,” said Louisiana Tech President Dr. Les Guice.

“He is committed to developing the programs, curricula, and activities that have accelerated and will continue to strengthen the growth of a skilled workforce to support the cyber and defense-related companies in our region,” Guice said.

Spohn was integral to the establishment of the nation’s first cyber engineering program at Louisiana Tech. He has also been instrumental in helping students secure internships and creating professional development programs.

Thanks to his vision, Tech and CIC have shared in the development and advancement of programs and partnerships such as the Cyber Discovery Camps, the Cyber Engineering Research Conferences, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives built to create the next generation of scientific thinkers and innovators in north Louisiana.

“Craig’s leadership has been crucial and helps our partnership’s primary purpose, to provide more and better opportunities for Louisiana students to stay here and help continue this wave of economic development in the cybersecurity field,” Guice said. “We work closely with the CIC to ensure that technology is taken from the research phase to the applied phase – with the aim of serving our region’s economic development and national security interests.

“He has been instrumental as an advisor and guide as we worked to develop and continue to enhance our cybersecurity academic programs. Craig’s influence is helping our University prepare students to make a positive impact on the government agencies and companies that will ensure our country is safe for years to come.”

Governor John Bel Edwards recently appointed Spohn Chairman of the newly formed Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission. He also served on the Consortium for Education, Research and Technology Board; the Biomedical Research Foundation Board; the Louisiana Tech Computer Science Advisory Board; and the LSU-Shreveport Science and Technology Council.

Spohn and his wife, Stacy, have a son, Sam, and two daughters, Caroline and Sarah-Catherine.