Tall Timbers Park

One of parish’s most popular and well-used parks is located adjacent to U.S. Hwy. 80 east of Haughton near Tall Timbers subdivision. Since 2015, a new bathroom facility and enlarged playground area for youngsters has been constructed at the park.

Additionally, the athletic field has been levelled and regularly maintained for use as a practice field for youth football, baseball and soccer. A walking track at the park is heavily used by residents in the area, and a larger, improved track is in the plans for the future development of Tall Timbers Park.

When floods in 2015 and 2016 irreparably damaged a number of homes in the southwestern section of Tall Timbers subdivision, the police jury was able to purchase those residences with the aid of FEMA funds. Those structures were demolished and the lots became the property of the police jury.

Federal law prohibits selling those lots for the purpose of rebuilding dwellings, but the land can be used for specific purposes, including public parks. Parks and Recreation future plans call for the walking trail at the current Tall Timbers Park to be extended through the lots now belonging to the police jury. That could add as much as one mile to the existing oval track.

Also, picnic areas are planned on the sites. Other means of utilizing the vacant lots for public enjoyment are also being considered, including the construction of pavilions along the extended walking track and picnic areas.