Parish Camp On Lake Bistineau

Since 2015, Parish Camp has seen improvements that have increased usage of the facility and more are planned for the coming years.

A clean-up operation improved the cosmetics of the park which helped camping and day-use activities increase. In just the past year, a water well has been completed to accommodate a brand new bathroom/shower building that is being constructed on the southern area of the camp. That new facility will help the expected growth in both day-visitors and overnighters.

Also during the past year, a series of booms were laid along the exit from the parish camp boat launch into Lake Bistineau to prevent accumulations of aquatic weeds like Giant Salvinia that have infested portions of lake. The channel from the present boat launch into the lake has also been deepened and widened.

At the area near the boat launch, a new 100-foot dock has been constructed to make it easier for boats to moor, giving passengers a place to picnic, fish or relax. Handicapped accessible piers extending into the lake are being planned to give individuals a shoreline fishing spot, and the La. Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries is studying ways to enhance that area for shore fishermen.

Plans are already underway to provide handicapped access to the new dock by constructing a descending path from the southern end of the existing parking area. A new and enlarged parking area will be a part of the future.

Parish Camp is one of the only public launch areas open when Lake Bistineau is at its lowest point during drawdowns. To help handle the anticipated increase in launches both during low water and high-use summer and fall recreational seasons, plans call for increasing the size of boat launch ramp and its accompanying loading dock.

In 2018, the parish police jury purchased an additional 12 acres adjacent to Parish Camp on its east side. Already, some clearing has been done on the property. Down the road, plans call for an extension of facilities at the camp and for the possibility of enlarging primitive campground areas and other recreational activities.