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Governor announces additional funds


Gov. John Bel Edwards is joined by city, parish and state officials as he announces additional flood mitigation funds for northwest Louisiana. Edwards made the announcement Tuesday during a press conference in Shreveport.

Bossier Parish will be receiving an additional $1.1 million in Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funds to help acquire flood-prone properties and to address those that were substantially damaged in the flooding of March, 2016.

Governor John Bel Edwards announced Tuesday at a news conference in Shreveport that a total of $4.9 million is being directed to the northwest Louisiana region for resiliency projects. Caddo Parish will be receiving an additional $1.6 million.

Bossier Parish’s total is in addition to the $1.1 million in funding that was announced in December, while the Caddo total is in addition to $689,000 that was announced at the same time.

“This is supplemental allocation for the March flood and a reallocation of dollars that remain available to us from (hurricanes) Gustav and Ike,” the governor pointed out.

Edwards also had a message for individuals in the region whose homes were flooded during the 2016 flooding and who had not received word of potential assistance.

“If people suffered loss in their homes in floods of last year and haven’t yet done so, make sure you take the survey,” he urged. “We have secured significant federal assistance to assist homeowners to rebuild, including to reimburse those homeowners who have already rebuilt.”

All homeowners in northwest Louisiana who suffered loss are urged to visit the website, and fill out the online survey. Persons may also receive assistance and information by calling (866) 735-2001.

Edwards reminded homeowners who may have already registered their loss with FEMA that this new available funding is not administered by that agency.

“If you registered with FEMA that is not the same thing. FEMA is a different agency. The agency that administers this program is Housing and Urban Development (HUD),” he said.

Edwards said flooding is a way of life in Louisiana. Last year, 56 of 64 parishes were declared major federal disasters because of floods. Thousands of families saw a lifetime of memories washed away.

“Last year’s flooding wreaked havoc on every corner, literally every corner, of our state in March. As a state we have to make targeted investments to prevent this from happening in the future,” he said.

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