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Storm topples trees on Adger Lake Rd.


Heavy rains and accompanying high winds Monday night played havoc with trees along Adger Lake Rd. west of Benton. Parish highway department crews were called out just before midnight to begin removing fallen trees which had blocked the roadway and had re-opened the road sometime after 1 a.m. Workers returned Tuesday morning to clear ditches and remove debris further from the road. High water from the heavy rainfall flooded a portion of Old Plain Dealing Rd. roughly a mile east of the Sheriff's rifle range, but the road has remained open. Motorists are urged to exercise caution while driving through the high water area.

This was the scene that greeted parish highway department crews on Adger Rd. Monday just before midnight.


Debris was being removed from ditches along Adger Lake Rd. Tuesday morning.

A section of Old Plain Dealing Rd. went under water following Monday night's heavy rainfall.


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