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Parish projects progressing


A pair of very different Bossier Parish projects are moving along and both will be helping a variety of parish residents.

At the Lawson Bo Brandon Sports Complex, parish workers are creating a walking path between field clusters with an eye toward making it easier to move from one group of fields to another. The project will hopefully be completed before playing season gets underway.

Along Swan Lake Rd., contractor crews with F.J. Burnell Construction of Bossier City are moving steadily northward toward the Flat River where phase one of the north/south route from I-220 will terminate. Crews are clearing the new right-of-way for Swan Lake in the initial clearing and grubbing stage. In the future, the new Swan Lake Rd. will intersect on its northern end with Crouch Rd.

Parish operators are spreading the foundation for a walking trail connecting groups of playing fields at Lawson Bo Brandon Sports Complex in Princeton.


A piece of heavy equipment clears right-of-way along Swan Lake Rd. just south of the Flat River.


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