Benton - Parish  Metropolitan Planning Commission

Operating with a two person staff, the MPC office duties includes approving building permits, processing MPC Zoning Board and Board of Appeals applications and answering the daily needs of the public. The MPC staff is responsible for ensuring that zoning enforcement efforts are fair and reasonable.

Benton MPC and Town Map

Benton MPC Mission Statement

The Benton-Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) was established by Act 558 of 1956 of the Louisiana Legislature and authorized the Town of Benton and Bossier Parish to provide for comprehensive planning and orderly development in the Town of Benton and the unincorporated part of Bossier Parish lying within five miles of the town.

The MPC’s mission is to provide land use management, planning and development services to protect the rights of residents and businesses choosing to locate in Benton and Bossier Parish; to ensure public safety, health and welfare; to establish standards which are clearly communicated and consistently enforced; to preserve and enhance property values; to provide a positive climate for growth; to enhance the quality of life of area residents; to provide a public forum for thorough examination of development-related impacts; and to serve as a catalyst for broad-based community, business and public sector involvement in the planning process.